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Shimmer and Shine
Shimmer and Shine
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  • Kids can pretend to zoom, soar, and slide through Zahramay Skies with this playset inspired by the magical world of Zahracorn Park!
  • A Zahramazing carousel ride! Simply lift the carousel’s canopy to the top of the tower and then let it go to see the Zahracorns spin around and fly down to the bottom of the playset!
  • The play park playset also features a slide, bouncy platform and seesaw!
  • Includes the Teenie Genie, Stardust Genie Adara and her Zahracorn Dahliza who features sparkly, springy wings that flutter and bounce!
  • Also includes a hurdle play piece
  • Rainbow colour-change genie Gem Cruiser comes with colour-change Teenie Genie Imma Imma is the Rainbow Waterfall genie who cares for all of the Wishing Magic in Zahramay Falls
  • ​Slide and Splash Send the genie down the slide and into the pool
  • ​Take a spin on the dance floor, a ride on the elevator or a ride on the mini magic carpet
  • ​Take the elevator up to the boat's top deck
  • ​Includes Rainbow Zahramay Imma but can work with many other Teenie Genies too Other genies sold separately and subject to availability