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Shimmer and Shine Teenie Genies Magic Carpet Shop
Price RM72.90
Product SKU DTK48
Brand Shimmer and Shine
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  • Welcome to Zahra may Falls, a wonderful world, to Dschinnis to, work or play. Shimmer, shine and all your friends are suitable as a cute mini figures in the perfect size to play or collect
  • Child can use the Dschinnis at a test flight on the carpet schicken - it can be moved in forward and backwards
  • peek-a-boo. Tala Can Look Out The shopping basket
  • hide and seek games. Small Dschinnis can find a picture of Nahal concealed behind the hanging rug
  • Small Dschinnis can Shimmer to hover help with the cushion lift up and down.

Bumm Zahra may. A Shot At The Flying Carpet or boutique is to have a look. Small Dschinnis are a great fun out of the bath, no more to do than help you shimmer and tala while try new flying elevator rugs or when the computer is Tersch fabrics on the cushions. Tala look to playful from the shopping basket and Nahal hiding behind the hanging carpet. The game set contains two exclusive figures ('s magical market shimmer and's magical market Tala) and lots of hooks used to add further Mini Dschinnis. With its 130 Dschinnis Collect them all – the magic of Zahra may if get much closer than a dream. All items sold separately. Some items are not sold in all countries.

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