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  • Kids can give their competition muscles a workout and race 4 cars at once
  • Start the race with 4 cars and watch slower cars get knocked off the track
  • The winner crosses the finish line and captures the checkered flag
  • Easy storage and simple fold-up for transport
  • Set includes a fair-start launcher and comes with a Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Lets kids build out their racing world and test their skills and speed
  • Includes nearly four feet of strips of classic orange track
  • Has new, improved connectors
  • Add more sections of track to build a mega straightaway
  • Accelerate off to adventures!
  • Kids can collect their favorites and trade with friends.
  • Each 5-car pack is an instant collection!
  • 1:64-scale with authentic styling and eye-catching decos.
  • Makes a great gift for kids and collectors!
  • Endless fun for kids with this enormous Hot Wheels corkscrew track with 3 loops, 3 crash zones and 3 high-speed boosters
  • ​Challenging, exciting, skill-based action with a problem-solving component
  • ​High-speed boosters power Hot Wheels cars through the loops at top speed; fun toy for ages 4-5 and older
  • ​Kids try to launch cars into the set without crashing out
  • ​Includes a Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set and a Hot Wheels car for endless hours of fun; connects to other Hot Wheels track sets for building an epic world of fun
  • Competitive, skill-based, weight-based set rooted in gameplay
  • Cranks up the challenger spirit and builds sportsmanship in two-player mode
  • Exciting action play and cool payoff— when the losing side bucket opens and drops cars
  • Practice to win in single player-mode and improve aiming to score
  • Includes 3 Hot Wheels vehicles Easy reset for hours of fun
  • Remark: Strictly random, no return available. 1000+ Designs
  • The hottest car licenses and original Hot Wheels designs come together in this core assortment of basic 1:64 scale vehicles. Collect them all!
  • Kid-favourite city locations ignite the imagination and unlock storytelling action
  • ​ Hot Wheels sets focus on performance and push-around play
  • ​Connect sets directly to each other using the new connection system
  • Contents: Hot Wheels City Downtown Fire Station Spinout Play Set, 1 x hot wheels car
  • Recognizable car wash themed set with surprising features
  • Set has an automated conveyer belt and colour change technology
  • Kids squeeze warm water onto their Colour Shifters car for a colour change moment
  • Drop cars into the dunk tank for another magical colour change moment
  • Spill-proof design for easy and contained sensory water play
  • Huge city shark beach battle playset with a beach-themed location and menacing shark with massive jaws that chomps cars
  • Ignites kids' imagination and storytelling skills by encouraging them to take up the challenge to save hot wheels city
  • Play the stunt, launch a car from the ramp and defeat the shark by racing it to slam into his jaws or just have fun scoring points in the surf competition
  • Easy to reset, with no loose parts and amazing performance
  • Easily connectable with other city playsets that allows to build own hot wheels city; new city playsets are compatible with orange track and other sets
  • Expand the hot wheels world: Unlock your child’s potential with unlimited connectible tracks and sets for never ending adventures
  • Kid-favorite sets that rev the imagination and unlock storytelling action
  • Hot Wheels sets focus on performance and push-around play
  • Connect sets directly to each other using the new connection system
  • Great gift for Hot Wheels fans!
  • Hot Wheels Volcano Escape track set is an inspired interactive set for continuous multicar play
  • ​Motorized with a mechanism that takes cars from the bottom to the peak of the volcano
  • Ideal set for unlocking kids imagination with awesome visual cues and track play 
  • ​Kids launch their car and stunt their way through the loop to release other cars trapped on the track
  • ​Connects to other Hot Wheels City sets
  • This assortment offers simple, classic Hot Wheels play with iconic cars, ultra-cool orange track and a launcher
  • Four different sets with unique features offer exhilarating play and exciting action and each set connects to other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately) for a great way to build an epic track
  • Fast, fun and classic Hot Wheels play with iconic cars, ultra-cool orange track and a launcher, four different sets in the assortment offer exhilarating play and exciting action
  • Kids can jump cars over the bolt of electricity with the electric tower, launch to jump the flame, ride the loop or rip a flip with four different stunt options and how high, how far, how fast will they go
  • Each of the three sets includes one Hot Wheels car, not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles and ages 3 and older
  • Includes kid-activated launchers for competitive moments and showdowns with friends
  • Hot Wheels Crane Crasher Play Set with 5 Racing Vehicles:
  • Age Range: 5Y+
  • The Hot Wheels Crane Crasher Play Set delivers building and construction fun! Learn to operate a crane and steer as you maneuver the five included vehicles into a car "crushing" compactor!
  • Five play areas mean tons of diverse, themed action
  • Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets so kids can build the track of their dreams
  • Comes with five Hot Wheels vehicles for instant adventures!
  • 1 to 2 players
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Kids stunt to flip their tiles!
  • Includes 1 car
  • Collect them all!
  • Kids can line up their Hot Wheels cars and let 'em rip for near misses or total wipeouts
  • With more than 16 feet of track that includes hairpin turns, motorized boosters and a giant crash zone, kids can enjoy crash-and-bash fun for hours on end.
  • Includes parking spaces throughout the set for additional storage and safe guards for kids over the crash zones.
  • Requires 4 D batteries. Not included.