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  • ​Book your appointment with Andie Alligator™ doll and this Smilin' Dentist™ playset! ​
  • ​Includes doll (6-inch), animal figure, sink station, chair, toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror, probe, mouth mold, and bib.​
  • ​Help Andie Alligator™ doll check every sweet tooth on Marshy™!  ​
  • ​For fashion fun, Andie Alligator™ doll rocks a bold outfit with removable accessories like a blazer, glasses, and more. ​
  • ​The Enchantimals™ alligator-besties have fantastical finishes to encourage imaginative play, like snazzy gator tails. ​
  • ​Collect them all to grow your world of Enchantimals™!​
  • ​For ages 3 and up​
  • Book your appointment with Sela Sloth doll at this Slow-Down Salon playset.
  • Includes doll (6-inch), animal figure, table, 2 chairs, lamp, fan, 3 polish bottles, and 4 nail sets. Help Sela Sloth doll give her animal-bestie Treebody a magical manicure!
  • ​Discover the magic of friendship and nature with these lovable Enchantimals characters and playsets   ​
  • ​Includes one Enchantimals doll (6-Inch), animal figure, check-up table, basket, medical bag and stethoscope​
  • ​Little ones can play out nurturing moments with Danessa Deer Doll, Sprint deer and this vet-themed playset with an a-doe-able check-up table and basket (fits most Enchantimals animal figures)​
  • ​Smaller accessories like a stethoscope and a vet bag encourage creative storytelling play ​
  • ​Danessa Deer doll wears a colourful outfit with a removable skirt, doctor's cap and fun red shoes ​
  • ​She and Sprint deer have matching details to enchant imaginations - like a-doe-able antlers and ears  ​
  • Discover the magic of friendship and nature with these lovable Enchantimals characters and playsets!
  • Little ones can explore their creativity with Felicity Fox doll, Flick fox, and this Art Studio playset
  • With a double-canvas easel designed for two, kids can "paint" out the special bond these Enchantimals fox friends share
  • Smaller accessories like paintbrushes, a water cup, and an art bag encourage storytelling play
  • Felicity Fox doll is wearing a removable skirt with a color-splashed apron and fun red shoes
  • ​Bren Bear doll and Snore bear are ready to fall into an enchanting slumber with this sleepover playset inspired by the magical world of enchantimals
  • ​The playset includes a 6 inch Bren Bear doll wearing fashions and accessories, snore bear figure, a vanity with chair, a bed with an attached swinging basket for snore and other bedroom accessories like a blanket, lamp, mirror and owl clock for storytelling fun
  • ​Sit the two best friends at the vanity, where they can prepare for bedtime with their lamp, mirror and owl clock accessories
  • ​Bren Bear doll is so adorable in her pretty purple night outfit with moon and star prints
  • ​The best friends are so cozy in their sleeping hats and ready to share sweet dreams in the adorable bed built for two with a sleeping bear headboard and a basket swing dangling from the bed branch
  • ​Tuck Bren Bear doll into bed with her cozy pillow and blanket Swing Snore bear to sleep in his basket
  • ​Kids will love recreating this special friendship bond and celebrating a world where Caring is Our Everything Collect them all to build out a world of enchantimals and tell enchanting stories of your own
  • ​The Paws for a Picnic storytelling pack is inspired by the world of Enchantimals and comes with a 6 Inch doll, two animal friends and accessories to play out familiar themes.
  • ​Bren Bear doll and her two bear friends are ready to dine forest style with picnic accessories
  • ​An aqua picnic basket is decorated with symbols like a paw print and a pink handle; open to store the smaller pieces inside - there's a checkered blanket, food and glasses for all three friends
  • ​The two bear figures - one medium and one small - have headbands in their furry hair
  • ​The Enchantimals Bren Bear doll wears a colourful outfit with a gingham print on her removable skirt, a furry stole, brown shoes and a pink headband with bow
  • ​Dark rooted hair styled is long and curly, bear ears poke out and bear-inspired facial features inspire wonder and storytelling
  • ​Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • Splash into adventure with Merit Monkey doll and her Junglewood Boat from the Junglewood collection!   
  • Includes doll (6-inch) wearing fashions and accessories, animal figure, boat playset, and 7+ themed accessories. 
  • The boat is loaded with endless play -- built with cool features like a look-out spot, steering wheel, and leafy canopy. Simply push to start the fun!
  • Removable accessories like a telescope, lantern, and floatie-for-two encourage wild storytelling play -- both on and off and the boat! 
  • oll into the world of Enchantimals with Preena Penguin doll, Jayla penguin and their Enchantimals ice cream truck and be enchanted
  • The ice cream truck is so cool - it's translucent blue and shaped like an igloo with brick details; its yellow wheels roll, a pink ice cream cone decorates the top and a sign flips down to become a serving counter
  • The 6 Inch doll fits in the driver's seat or behind the counter and is ready to serve up fun in a colourful outfit with bow and ruffle detail on the bodice, an ice cream print (with sprinkles) on her removable skirt, orange shoes and a pink headband with bow
  • Preena Penguin doll has beautiful black rooted hair and sweet animal features that match her penguin friend figure; jayla penguin has a blue scarf and wears an adorable expression
  • Frozen treats, like different flavoured ice cream cones and treats, plus a spoon, inspire imagination and storytelling; some pieces have handles to fit on the doll's hand
  • This adorable six-inch doll and her animal friend are inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature
  • The fashionable Patter Peacock doll comes with Flap peacock figure -- so cute with a furry patch of hair and a colorful open tail of feathers!
  • Patter Peacock doll wears a brightly colored outfit with a removable skirt that has a floral and peacock feather print
  • Her blue shoes are feather-inspired, a golden tiara sits atop her rooted purple updo, facial features are animal-inspired -- she even has peacock feather wings and furry purple accents!
  • Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends, and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability)